Here you will find downloadable files that you can use for the Mobile Process Designer. You can transfer these files to your device through iTunes to copy the files to your device using the File Sharing feature of iTunes.

Example Process Files

Example files from us. Always happy to receive community based processes also.

BPMN Reference Guide

Approval Process


Transformation Files

Transformation files allow you to transform the XML format of the Orchard Process Designer into another format. These are essentially XSLT files that have a .processtransform file extension and these can be sent when using the email option. Our desire is to have a number of these formats in the future so that exporting to PDF, Visio, XPDL, BPMN, SVG and other formats can be included. Our customer requests have been for XPDL and CSV initially and we will be working on providing to you first.

To add a transformation file, create an XSLT file, rename the extension to .processtransform and then using iTunes sharing drag the file to the application folder.